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R2.CO.NZ  is happy to provide access to video on this server. We do this to demonstrate that it is easy to develop a full video on demand service. As we don't have a megabuck budget, we film content that is free and which we believe is interesting and deserves sharing. That means we don't endorse the content. Will we do some for you ? Ask us

Currently we support a small number of organisations who have asked. Their video content is here for you to enjoy. Tell us what you think. Tell them what you think too.

Video for 2002
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021218 Lord of the Rings Premiere #2 - December 2002 - Street Festival
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021213 (e)-Vision breakfast December 2002
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021208 Farewell service for Rev Terry Alve
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021205 VictoriaLink - Computers in Homes Conference
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021129 David Isenberg at (e)-vision
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021129b David Isenberg - CafeNet launch
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021122 Te Papa - Being Human Conference
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021120 Games Forum #4
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021116 Alpha NZ - 2002 Advertising
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021114 Te Papa - Launch of NZ Museum Standards
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021107 e-Vision Breakfast #8
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021106 Games Forum #3
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021024 Te Papa - Ms Dawn Casey, National Museum of Australia
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021023 Games Forum #2
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021017 "Beyond Beyond" Lecture at Te Papa 
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021010 "Beyond Beyond" Lecture at Te Papa - Dame Anne Salmond
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021009 (e)-Vision Game Developers Forum
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021003b "Beyond Beyond" Lecture at Te Papa - Sir Tipene O'Regan
http://www.r2.co.nz/20021003 (e)-Vision Interactive Breakfast Series #6 - Hon Paul Swain
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020927 Digital Storytelling at (e)-Vision
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020926 "Beyond Beyond" Lecture at Te Papa
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020919 "Beyond Beyond" Lecture at Te Papa
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020919b Next Generation Internet Report back
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020905 (e)-Vision Interactive Breakfast Series #6 - 
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020810 Wellington Diocese Missions Group
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020808 (e)-Vision Interactive Breakfast Series #5 - 
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020207 International Rugby Sevens Parade
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020404 Interactive Breakfast Series #1 - The Unwired World
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020212 BICSI - Optical Fiber Bandwidth and Applications
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020419 Wellington City Library - The Launch of Whekenui
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020219 Wireless Networking Demonstration at Parliament Buildings
http://www.r2.co.nz/220020426 Beeby Foundation - A Catalyst for Change
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020306 NZOC - Peak Performing Seminar - Christchurch
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020502 Interactive Breakfast Series #2 - Rolling Out Regional Broadband Networks
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020307 NZOC - Peak Performing Seminar - Wellington
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020603 Alpha 2002 - Take the initiative
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020308 First to Awaken, First to Think - Day 1
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020606 NZOC - Peak Performing Seminars - Audio files
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020309 First to Awaken, First to Think - Day 2
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020621 WellingtonTV - market Wellington
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020313 Hon Steve Maharey - Highways and Pathways
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020628 Prison Fellowship of New Zealand
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020313b NZOC - Peak Performing Seminar - Auckland - 1
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020629 Johnsonville Rotary Club  June Dinner
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020314 NZOC - Peak Performing Seminar - Auckland - 2
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020704 Interactive Breakfast Series #4 - 
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020330 Wellington TV - Programs on Holland
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020705 CityLink - Introducing CafeNet
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020331 WellingtonTV - Mainstreet Jazz
http://www.r2.co.nz/20020403 Can the Microelectronics Revolution Last Forever?

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