Acquisitions '14
Recorded  Saturday 9 August at Q-Theatre, Auckland.

Choreographers Olive Beiringa and Otto Ramstad
Composer Claire Cowan
Film director Alyx Duncan 
Dancers: Adrian Smith, Alisha McLennan, Georgie Goater, Tess Connell, Zildjian Robinson, Aloalii Tapu , Monique Westerdaal, 
(Suzanne Cowan and Renee Ball – film only)

Watching Window

Choreography co-creators Catherine Chappell, Georgie Goater, Liz Kirk and Adrian Smith
Music advisor/composer Chris O’Connor
Dancer co-creators     Tess Connell, Jesse Johnstone-Steele, Alisha McLennan, Zildjian Robinson
Dancer understudies  Aloalii Tapu, Monique Westerdaal

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