Welcome to the live webcast from  NetHui 2012, held at Sky City Convention Centre, 11-13 July 2012.  This is an event with multiple video streams available, covering the plenary sessions when everyone is in ONE room, and the break out "hui" sessions which take place in 4 rooms. There are also several events taking place during the evenings, which are also being streamed.

Please select which live video you wish to watch from the table that follows.  Recordings are being made available as soon as possible each day - subject to processing capacity.

The live video from the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  A range of bit rates are offered so that you can change to suit your local connection speeds.
Description NZ Room 1 NZ Room 2 NZ Room 3 NZ Room 4Matrix View
384kbps Stream - suitable for good broadband. - Video and audio nz-1-384.htm nz-2-384.htm nz-3-384.htm nz-4-384.htmmatrix.htm
128kbps Stream - suitable for slow broadband. - Video and audio nz-1-128.htm nz-2-128.htm nz-3-128.htm nz-4-128.htmmatrix-128.htm
56kbps stream - suitable for dial-up connections nz-1-56.htm nz-2-56.htm nz-3-56.htm nz-4-56.htmmatrix-56.htm
28kbps Stream - audio only nz-1-28a.htm nz-2-28a.htm nz-3-28a.htm nz-4-28a.htm

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