Maadi Cup 2012

Welcome to the recordings of final races held at the 2012 Maadi Cup, on Lake Ruataniwha. The event was on  Friday  30 and Saturday  31 March 2012.

Friday  30 March 2012

1B U17 1XBoys under 17 single scull
2G U17 4+Girls under 17 coxed four
3B U15 2XBoys under 15 double sculls
4G U15 4X+Girls under 15 coxed quad sculls
5B U18 2-Boys under 18 coxless pair oar
6G U18 2XGirls under 18 double sculls
7B U16 4X+Boys under 16 coxed quad sculls
8G U16 1XGirls under 16 single scull
9B U18 N 2XBoys under 18 novice double scull
10B U17 8+Boys under 17 eight
11G U17 4X+Girls under 17 coxed quad sculls
12LB U18 4+Lightweight boys under 18 coxed four
13G U15 4+Girls under 15 coxed four
14B U18 4X+Boys under 18 coxed quad sculls
15G U18 2-Girls under 18 coxless pair oar
16B U16 4+Boys under 16 coxed four
17G U16 8+Girls under 16 eight
18LG U18 4+Lightweight girls under 18 coxed four
19B U17 2XBoys under 17 double sculls
20G U17 1XGirls under 17 single scull
21B U15 8+Boys under 15 eight
22G U18 N 2XGirls under 18 novice double sculls
23B U18 4+Boys under 18 coxed four
24G U18 4+Girls under 18 coxed four

Saturday 31 March 2012

25G U16 4X+Girls under 16 coxed quad sculls
26B U16 2XBoys under 16 double sculls
27G U18 1XGirls under 18 single scull
28B U18 1XBoys under 18 single scull
29G U15 2XGirls under 15 double sculls
30B U15 4X+Boys under 15 coxed quad sculls
31G U17 8+Girls under 17 eight
32B U17 4+Boys under 17 coxed four
33LG U18 2XLightweight girls under 18 double sculls
34LB U18 2XLightweight boys under 18 double sculls
35G U16 4+Girls under 16 coxed four
36B U16 8+Boys under 16 eight
37G U18 4X+Girls under 18 coxed quad sculls
38B U18 2XBoys under 18 double sculls
39G U15 8+Girls under 15 eight
40B U15 4+Boys under 15 coxed four
41G U17 2XGirls under 17 double sculls
42B U17 4X+Boys under 17 coxed quad sculls
43G U18  N 4+Girls under 18 novice coxed four
44B U18 N 4+Boys under 18 novice coxed four
45G U16 2XGirls under 16 double sculls
46B U16 1XBoys under 16 single scull
47G U18 8+Girls Under 18 Eight (Levin Cup)
48B U18 8+Boys Under 18 Eight  (Maadi Cup)
AwardsAwardsAward Ceremony
NZ 8 NZ-8NZ 8 Row Past

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