Friday 27 January - Shane Hobson

 - The World of an LFC

In 2010 I warned of an imminent bandwidth avalanche as the Govt rolled out 100 Mbps FTTH across most of NZ.

In 2011 I explained the commercial machinations underlying the FTTH network and speculated about services & prices.

This year I'm back with detail about what the services are, their price, when it's available and other answers to your questions.

Contrary to prior events when I was an outsider looking in, this time I'm actually employed by an LFC and so there will be less speculation and more fact. You are welcome to send questions to me in advance which I will try to answer in this session.

Shane has been building open access networks for over a decade. Starting with his own wireless access (non-ISP) network around the Waikato, this was sold to Wired Country where Shane spent two years prior to it's sale to Compass. He then spent five years at Velocity Networks, building the Hamilton fibre network, a public/private partnership open access, layer 2 network which was then sold to WEL Networks which is building a FTTH network past nearly 170,000 homes before 2017.

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