Day One Thursday 26 January - Philip Smith (APNIC)

 - Migration from OSPF to ISIS

OSPF and ISIS are the two most commonly used IGPs in SP networks today. The presentation covers their history, and looks at some of the similarities and the differences between the two. It also looks at some of the reasons why more ISPs are adopting ISIS of late. The presentation then concludes with a short description/case study on how to migrate from OSPF to ISIS.

Philip Smith has been working in the Internet industry since the early 90s. He recently joined APNIC, the Asia Pacific Network Information Center, as Director of Learning and Development. Prior to joining APNIC, he spent over thirteen years at Cisco Systems, in the Internet Architectures Group of the company's CTO organisation. Over the last decade his role has included working with the ISPs and Service Provider operations groups around the world, specifically in network design, configuration, scaling and training.

Prior to Cisco, he spent five years at PIPEX (now part of UUNET's global ISP business), the UK's first commercial Internet Service Provider. He was one of the first engineers working in the commercial Internet in the UK, and played a key role in building the modern Internet in Europe.

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