Friday 27 January - David Awatere - Crown Fibre Holdings - 

Ultrafast Broadband: Broadcast TV distribution options

The UFB network is expected to reach 75% of the population by the end of 2019 and provides alternate deployment options for the nationwide delivery of broadcast TV signals.

Currently broadcast TV is delivered over Satellite and UHF networks. Key considerations for these networks include coverage, tv channel capacity, interoperability with existing head-end and receiver investments, and of course the cost of delivery. A study of overseas TV operators reveals two emerging alternatives to traditional Satellite, UHF and cable networks.
  1. AT&T-IPTV utilises IP Multicast to transport TV signals over broadband to a set-top box within the customer premises.
  2. Verizon-Fios utilises RF over fibre for the transportation of TV signals.
David is Director of Product Management at Crown Fibre Holdings and has more than 18 years industry experience within global Telecommunication operators. An Emeritus CCIE and New Zealander, David is based in Auckland.

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