Video recorded at Webstock 2011,

Mike Brown - Webstock Opening
Frank Chimero - The Digital Campfire
Michael Koziarski - Thats all well and good, but how does it help me ?
Christine Perfetti - Adventurous Usability Techniques
Mark Pilgrim - The Future of the Web:where are we going and why am in this handbasket ?
Jason Webley -  Portrait of an Artist as an independent Musician
Jason Santa-Maria - On Web Typography
Kristina Halverson - Content/Communication
John Gruber - The Gap Theory of UI Design
Doug Bowman - Delivering Delight
Amanda Palmer  talks about new music paradigm, blogging, Twitter and life
Marco Arment - Contrary to popular beliefs
David McCandless - Information is Beautiful
Josh Clark - Buttons are a Hack: The New Rules of Designing for Touch
Jason Cohen - A Geek Sifts through the Bullshit
Peter Sunde - The Pirate Bay of Penzance
Michael Lopp - An Engineering Mindset
Tom Coates - Everything the Network Touches
Scott McCloud - A Medium in Transition
Merlin Mann - Scared Shitless: How I Learned to Love Being Afraid of Pretty Much Everything
David Recordon - HTML 5 at Facebook
Nicole Sullivan - CSS Tools for Massive Websites
Steve Souders - Web Performance Optimisation: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Glenda Sims - Practical Accessibility Testing
Natasha Lampard - Webstock Closing

Concert - Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley

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