Name Supression

Understanding the Changes proposed by the Government

This webpage has recordings of presentation and discussion from the workshop held at the Civic Suites, Wellington Town Hall on Thursday 3 February 2011

The focus of the workshop is on understanding the Government's proposed reform of the law of supression, with attendees getting a range of perspectives to help inform their preparation of submissions, due with Parliament's Justice and Electoral Committee.

Description Small Video Medium Video HD Video
Welcome - Jordan Carter, InternetNZ welcome_2.htm welcome_1.htm welcome.htm
Law Commission Comment on the Bill - Warren Young, Deputy President, Law Commission warren-y_2.htm warren-y_1.htm warren-y.htm
A Legal Analysis - Rick Shera, Lawyer rick-s_2.htm rick-s_1.htm rick-s.htm
A judicial perspective - Judge David Harvey david-h_2.htm david-h_1.htm david-h.htm
A media perspective - Tim Pankhurst - Newspapers publishers Association tim-p_2.htm tim-p_1.htm tim-p.htm
A blogger's perspective - David Farrar - david-f_2.htm david-f_1.htm david-f.htm
General Discussion discussion_2.htm discussion_1.htm discussion.htm

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