27 and 28 January 2011

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IPv6 Readiness for Service Providers and Enterprises

Skeeve Stevens - eintellego

As IPv6 becomes a reality for Service Providers and the Enterprise - just how prepared is your infrastructure to deal with it? I will discuss the challenges experienced in the audits that eintellego have performed, and offer an overview on how your organisation can get ready by preparing your own audit.

Skeeve Stevens has spent the last 15 years designing, building and managing small to medium ISP networks. The last five years he has been the CEO, a network integrator specialising in ISP and ISP-like networks. A highlight in 2010 was when eintellego designed, supplied, built and managed the rollout of the Hoyts Digital Cinema 10Gb network for the streaming of extreme high-definition content in cinemas all over Australia and New Zealand.

eintellego has spent much of 2009-2010 working on IPv6 deployments and developing methods to help its ISP and enterprise customers get ready for the future with IPv6. Skeeve Stevens is passionate about Internet policy and Internet development in the Asia Pacific Region. 

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