27 and 28 January 2011

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FTTH in 2011, what will it all look like?

Shane Hobson


Last year I warned of impending 100 Mbps FTTH, now the Govt has signed contracts it's going to be a reality in 2011.

Here's your chance to find out what end user services might look like, how ISPs can connect to the Local Fibre Companies, how much it all costs (you the ISP and the end consumer). What will the OSS/BSS look like.

These and many more questions will be answered. 

Bio :

Shane has been building open access networks for over a decade. Starting with his own wireless access (non-ISP) network around the Waikato, this was sold to Wired Country where Shane spent two years prior to it's sale to Compass. His past five years have been spent at Velocity building the Hamilton fibre network, a public/private partnership. 

2011 will see him working at NZ's largest independent LFC, or possibly not if the job interview goes badly.

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