27 and 28 January 2011

Download the video file - paul-r.mp4

Improving the Quality of Event Log Messaging

Paul Radford - Masters Student, Victoria University


Syslog messages date from a time prior to the Internet explosion and as a mechanism, they're not coping with our demands. It's becoming ever more difficult to filter millions of messages each and every day. Paul will present an improved yet simple design that aims to greatly reduce or even eliminate regular expressions and other static filters from your event log solution."


Computer geek. Started programming at age 10 and burned out by age 14. By 17, Paul was running 486 motherboards on sheets of newspaper in the school library, and experimenting with bridging jumpers with screwdrivers to see what would happen!

Paul has six years of professional systems administration experience, primarily in Linux/UNIX open-source systems.

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