27 and 28 January 2011

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New Zealand Radio Spectrum Overview

Jon Brewer - Telco2

Radio spectrum is a critical part of many networks, and a basic understanding of it is key to making decisions about how to employ it. This talk will cover the utilized radio spectrum in New Zealand - what it's good for, who owns it, and what they're doing with it. It will also help network operators learn what to believe of the vendor and carrier hype in the media, and when to take claims with a grain of salt, or a couple of beers.

Jonathan founded wireless carrier Araneo Limited in 2004, shortly after moving to New Zealand from the US. He was involved in all areas of the business, including radio engineering, build work, network design, and management through the end of 2010. He is currently a director of Araneo and principal of Telco2, a new telecommunications consultancy. Jonathan has a BSc from the University of Kansas.

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