27 and 28 January 2011

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Regional Internet Registry Update

Elly Tawhai - Senior Internet Resource Analyst, APNIC


Elly will provide an update on what's happening within APNIC and the other four RIRs, including an APNIC policy-sig update.


For the past nine years Elly has been working at APNIC as an Internet Resource Analyst. She also co-ordinates APNIC's liaison activities within the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.  Elly is one of the longest serving employees of APNIC having started in September 2000.  Elly is a Senior Internet Resource Analyst for APNIC.  She also acts as the Liaison Officer of APNIC to members and stakeholders in the Pacific region and an associate trainer supporting the APNIC training team.

She is responsible for working with resource holders to process resource allocation requests, which is the core operation of APNIC.  As a senior internet resource analyst her role extends to evaluating and analysing network plans from members and the community and making appropriate decisions for the distribution of the Internet resources throughout the region.  In her liaison role, Elly uses knowledge of the pacific region, networking with existing members, seeking liaison opportunities with potential members and actively participating in Liaison events. She is also occasionally required to work closely with the training team to conduct training within the region.

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