Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association
27, 28 June - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Welcome to the webcast of the APTLD Meeting, being held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 27, 28 June 2010.

The event will be webcast live. The webcast is available for PCs with the Silverlight player. If you don't have Silverlight, it will ask you if you wish to have it installed (free).

Alternatively there is a pop-up player best viewed in Windows Media Player , Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Totem and VideoLan also work well. Apple users can use Flip-4-Mac available from Microsoft for free. The Silverlight player will work with Apple Mac computers.

To listen to  the webcast - click on one of the following links to suit your internet connection There is a chat window available in a window below. The chat window allows you to chat with other viewers and also the APTLD staff, who may relay questions to the meetingl. The chat is based on IRC You will need to pick a "nickname" for use in the chat. If you wish to use a stand-alone IRC client such as mIRC the chat is being hosted on and the chat channel is #aptld

Current Time in Colombo
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After the meeting, a recording will be made available here.
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