The Liggins Education Network for Science

"I Love My Heart"

An interactive LENScience learning event for Years 7 - 10

Professor Mark Hanson

British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Science

Friday 15 May 2009, video from the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in New Zealand but in many cases it is preventable. Positive lifestyle attitudes towards health from an early age can prevent cardiovascular disease. This science and health education event will take Year 7 – 10 students on a dynamic multimedia journey of discovery, explaining just how amazing the human heart is, how it functions, what heart disease is, and how to look after your heart. The programme will use live demonstrations of heart rate, blood pressure and EKG, audio-visuals, models and audience participation providing students with a take home message that is relevant to their lives and their futures.

Professor Mark Hanson is an acclaimed international scientist who has strong links to New Zealand through his work with the Liggins Institute and National Research Centre for Growth and Development. Prof. Hanson holds the post of British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Science at the University of Southampton where he is Director of the Centre for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. His work is helping to explain the science behind how our environment in early life can impact on our health throughout our lives. Prof. Hanson is working with school students in the UK where he is setting up the Southampton LifeLab, a programme for schools modelled on LENScience. Established in 2006, LENScience is an education unit within the Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland working to bring schools and scientists together. Led by experienced teachers, all education programmes are designed by teachers to meet the needs of students in New Zealand schools.

The Liggins Institute would like to acknowledge the support of Holy Trinity Cathedral and KordiaTM.

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