NZ Network Operators Group

2009 Conference

Auckland, New Zealand

29, 30 January 2009

Welcome to the recordings of the 2009 NZNOG Conference,  recorded at  the Mt Richmond Hotel, Auckland.

The recordings are available in Windows Media format as well as MP4. Windows Media is  best viewed in Windows Media Player ,  Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Totem and VideoLan also work well. Apple users can use Flip-4-Mac available from Microsoft for free. Both formats are available for download. Windows media is also available via streaming.

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Windows Media Format
MP4 Format
MP3 Audio
NZNOG Year in Review - Jonny Martin, Dean Pembertonjonny-dean.asxjonny-dean.wmvjonny-dean.mp4jonny-dean.mp3
National Library Web Harvesting - Gordon  Payntergordon-p.asxgordon-p.wmvgordon-p.mp4gordon-p.mp3
Applications of Resource Certifications - Robert Loomansrobert-l.asxrobert-l.wmvrobert-l.mp4robert-l.mp3
BGP for resilient Services - Gerard Creamergerard-c.asxgerard-c.wmvgerard-c.mp4gerard-c.mp3
4-Byte ASN - James Spencerleyjames-s.asxjames-s.wmvjames-s.mp4james-s.mp3
DNS Security - Sam Sargentsam-s.asxsam-s.wmvsam-s.mp4sam-s.mp3
V4/V6 Translation Methods - Bill Manningbill-m.asxbill-m.wmvbill-m.mp4bill-m.mp3
Practicalities of the v6 transition era - Beatty Lane-Davisbeatty-ld.asxbeatty-ld.wmvbeatty-ld.mp4beatty-ld.mp3
IPV6 in NZ - Nathan Wardnathan-w.asxnathan-w.wmvnathan-w.mp4nathan-w.mp3
IPV6 Lightning Talks - variouslightning-1.asxlightning-1.wmvlightning-1.mp4lightning-1.mp3
Multinational networking in the NZDF - Mark Fostermark-f.asxmark-f.wmvmark-f.mp4mark-f.mp3
IANA and DNSSec - Richard Lambrichard-l.asxrichard-l.wmvrichard-l.mp4richard-l.mp3
Lightning Talks - Variouslightning-2.asxlightning-2.wmvlightning-2.mp4lightning-2.mp3
QoS - Patrick Jordan-Smithpatrick-js.asxpatrick-js.wmvpatrick-js.mp4patrick-js.mp3
What Lightwire tells us - Donald Nealdonald-n.asxdonald-n.wmvdonald-n.mp4donald-n.mp3
Designing networks for high availability - Paresh Khatriparesh-k.asxparesh-k.wmvparesh-k.mp4paresh-k.mp3
A view into online badness - Marcel van den BergSession was not recorded at request of presenter
WAND Research - the WAND Guyswand.asxwand.wmvwand.mp4wand.mp3
APNIC Policy Update - Elly Tawhaielly-t.asxelly-t.wmvelly-t.mp4elly-t.mp3
InternetNZ Update - Keith Davidsonkeith-d.asxkeith-d.wmvkeith-d.mp4keith-d.mp3
Biggish Networks - Richard Naylorrichard-n.asxrichard-n.wmvrichard-n.mp4richard-n.mp3
Renumbering Still Needs Work - Brian Carpenterbrian-c.asxbrian-c.wmvbrian-c.mp4brian-c.mp3
NZNOG Conference Futures - Neil Fnnemore, Dean Pemberton, Jonny Martinnznog-f.asxnznog-f.wmvnznog-f.mp4nznog-f.mp3
National Broadband Map - Jamie Horrelljamie-h.asxjamie-h.wmvjamie-h.mp4jamie-h.mp3
Multi-Topology Routing (MTR) - Truman D. Boyestruman-b.asxtruman-b.wmvtruman-b.mp4truman-b.mp3

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