Welcome to the National Finale of THE BIG SING

The National Secondary Schools Choral Competitions., webcast live from the Town Hall in 
Wellington, New Zealand. 21 - 23 August 2008
Over these 3 days the sessions were webcast live and recorded. 
You can watch the recordings below..

This webcast was sponsored by R2.co.nz and InternetNZ

Note - the stream is viewed in Windows MediaPlayer - available for free from Microsoft. Macintosh and Linux users should use VLC, mplayer or Totem, or the mediaplayer for Macintosh

Note 2 - There is a slight delay in the video with respect to the audio. These recordings are "rushed" recordings made from the source for the live audience. The process of adding live captions for the live audience has added this slight delay. There are uncaptioned recordings for the DVD. If there is interest, these will be edited down and made available after several days. If there is sufficient interest an MP4 version and MP3 audio version will also be made available for download.

Thursday 21 August
              Recording (streamed)
Download (wmv)
12:30PM Opening Ceremony
big-sing-08-opening.wmv (303MBytes)
1:45PM Session 1
big-sing-08-session-1.wmv (545MBytes)
  Craighead Chorale - R1
The Sweet Sixteen - R1
Euphony - R1
OK Chorale - R1
Queen Margaret Chorale - R1
4:30PM Session 2
big-sing-08-session-2.wmv (527MBytes)
  Con Brio - R1
Male Voice Chorus - R1
Southern Hesperides - R1
St Cecilia Singers - R1
King's College Chapel Choir - R1
7:30PM  Session 3
big-sing-08-session-3.wmv (742MBytes)
  Christ's College Chapel Choir - R1
Saints Alive - R1
Choralation - R1
Wellington College Chorale - R1
Belle a Cappella - R1
The Fundamentals - R1

Friday 22 August
       Recording (streamed)
Download (wmv)
11:00AM Session 4
big-sing-08-session-4.wmv (492MBytes)
  Aurora Voices - R1
Bella Voce - R1
The Sweet Sixteen - R2
Con Brio - R2
2:00PM Session 5
big-sing-08-session-5.wmv (625MBytes)
  St Cecilia Singers - R2
Euphony - R2
Craighead Chorale - R2
Femme - guest
Queen Margaret Chorale - R2
4:00PM Session 6
big-sing-08-session-6.wmv (486MBytes)
  Choralation - R2
OK Chorale - R2
Southern Hesperides - R2
Male Voice Chorus - R2
6:30PM Session 7
big-sing-08-session-7.wmv (877MBytes)
  Christ's College Chapel Choir - R2
The Seraphim Choir - R1
King's College Chapel Choir - R2
Wellington College Chorale - R2
The Fundamentals - R2
Belle a Cappella - R2

Saturday 23 August
       Recording (streamed)
Download (wmv)
10:45AM Session 8
big-sing-08-session-8.wmv (642MBytes)
  Bella Voce - R2
Aurora Voices - R2
Coro Notabile - guest
Saints Alive - R2
The Seraphim Choir - R2
12:15PM NZSSC Concert
nzssc.wmv  (521Mbytes)
6:30PM Gala Concert
gala-concert.wmv (1.6GBytes)

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