Telecommunications Day
8 May 2008

Welcome to the webcast from the TUANZ Telecommunications Day 2008. Recorded in the Oceania Room at Te Papa in Wellington.

Video and audio from the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below. There are options for streamed video and also downloadable video and audio.

Note - the video stream is viewed in Windows MediaPlayer - available for free from Microsoft.
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Welcome from the Chair welcome.asx welcome.mp4 welcome.mp3
Keynote - 4 Paths to Kiwi Internet Leadership - David Isenberg david-i.asx david-i.mp4 david-i.mp3
Ernie Newman 
ernie.asx ernie.mp4 ernie.mp3
Dr Allan Freeth 
CEO TelstraClear
allan-f.asx allan-f.mp4 allan-f.mp3
Russell Stanners 
CEO Vodafone NZ
russell-s.asx russell-s.mp4 russell-s.mp3
Matt Crockett 
CEO Telecom Wholesale
matt-c.asx matt-c.mp4 matt-c.mp3
Panel Discussion panel-1.asx panel-1.mp4 panel-1.mp3
Hon David Cunliffe
Minister for Communications and Information Technology
david-c.asx david-c.mp4 david-c.mp3
Dr Ross Paterson
Telecommunications Commissioner, Commerce Commision
ross-p.asx ross-p.mp4 ross-p.mp3
Ralph Chivers
CEO Telecommunications Carriers Forum
ralph-c.asx ralph-c.mp4 ralph-c.mp3
Hon Bill English
Deputy Leader, National Party
bill-e.asx bill-e.mp4 bill-e.mp3
Tom Cotter
GM Content and Delivery TVNZ
tom-c.asx tom-c.mp4 tom-c.mp3
Carl Penwarden
Solutions Manager, State Services Commission
carl-p.asx carl-p.mp4 carl-p.mp3
Rosemary Sinclair
rosemary-s.asx rosemary-s.mp4 rosemary-s.mp3
Mike McLaughlin
MD Mimac Marketecture
mike-m.asx mike-m.mp4 mike-m.mp3
Dr Stuart Corson
Fellow, Royal Society of NZ
stuart-c.asx stuart-c.mp4 stuart-c.mp3
Wrap up - incl David Isenberg wrap-up.asx wrap-up.mp4 wrap-up.mp3

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