Local Government Broadband Forum

Welcome to the website for the webcast of the Local Government Broadband Forum. Recorded at the Renouf Foyer, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington.

The webcast is best viewed in Windows Media Player ,  Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Totem and VideoLan also work well. Apple users can use Flip-4-Mac available from Microsoft for free.

To watch the webcast - click on one of the the following links
Welcome and Opening http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/opening.asx
Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Local Government http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/nanaia.asx
Hon David Cunliffe, Minister for Communications and Information Technology http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/david-c.asx
Dr Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive, Telecom http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/paul-r.asx
Partnering with Industry - Ralph Chivers - Telecomm Cariers Forum http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/ralph.asx
Championing Municipal Broadband Leadership - Panel Session http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/panel-1.asx
Barriers for Municipal Broadband - Open Forum http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/workshop-1.asx
Case Study - Douglas Birt, Gisbourne District Council http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/douglas.asx
Beyond Broadband - Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/fredericton.asx
NZ Intelligent Communities Case Studies http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/panel-2.asx
NZ Intelligent Communities Case Studies - Questions and Answers http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/panel-2-qna.asx
Enabling Transformation in the Auckland Region
Ross Peat, Vice Chairman, Auckland Regional Broadband Advisory
Digital Communities http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/dig-strategy.asx
Digital Cities Network - Wellington http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/wgtn.asx
Workshop on Broadband Friendly Protocol and KnowHow Guide http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/workshop-2.asx
Workshop - Rural Broadband http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/workshop-3.asx
Workshop - Open Access Fiber Network http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/panel-3.asx
Workshop - Leveraging Community Owned Assets http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/panel-4.asx
Next Steps - Christine Makumbe http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/christine.asx
Wrap Up - Dr Murray Milner http://www.R2.co.nz/20080220/murray.asx

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