Webstock 2008

This webpage has links to the recordings made of session presentations made during the Webstock-08 Conference held in Wellington in February 2006.

Recordings are available for download in MP4 (iPod format) or for watching as streamed video. The webcast is best viewed in Windows Media Player ,  Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Totem and VideoLan also work well. Apple users can use Flip-4-Mac available from Microsoft for free.
Thursday 14th February
Streamed Recording
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Opening and welcome http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/opening.asx opening.mp4 opening.mp3
Nat Torkington Design for the Future http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/nat.asx nat.mp4 nat.mp3
Molly Holzschlag Why Web Standards Aren't  http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/molly.asx molly.mp4 molly.mp3
Shawn Henry Make Your Website Shine, Polished with Accessibility http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/shawn.asx shawn.mp4 shawn.mp3
Rachel McAlpine Look Ma, no quills! http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/rachel.asx rachel.mp4 rachel.mp3
Simon Willison Building content-oriented sites with Django http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/simon-2.asx simon-2.mp4 simon-2.mp3
Peter Morville Ambient Findability and the Future of Search http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/peter-m.asx peter-m.mp4 peter-m.mp3
Cal Henderson Building Big on the Web http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/cal.asx cal.mp4 cal.mp3
Liz Danzico The Framework Age http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/liz.asx liz.mp4 liz.mp3
Kelly Goto  http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/kelly.asx kelly.mp4 kelly.mp3
Jason Santa Maria Good Design Ain't Easy http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/jason.asx jason.mp4 jason.mp3
Sam Morgan Fireside chat with Rowan Simpson http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/sam.asx sam.mp4 sam.mp3
Powerpoint Karaoke Idol Nat Torkington vs Michael Lopp vs Damian Conway http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/karaoke.asx karaoke.mp4 karaoke.mp3

Friday 15th February
Streamed Recording
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Download as MP3
Russell Brown Creative Deficits and Publishing Realities http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/russell.asx russell.mp4 russell.mp3
Simon Willison OpenID and decentralised social networks  http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/simon.asx simon.mp4 simon.mp3
Tom Coates The Transforming Web: To Infinity and Beyond http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/tom.asx tom.mp4 tom.mp3
Luke Wroblewski Web Page Hierarchy http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/luke.asx luke.mp4 luke.mp3
Craig Nevill-Manning Scale makes things interesting *and* useful http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/craig.asx craig.mp4 craig.mp3
Dan Cederholm More 'WOW' please  http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/dan-c.asx dan-c.mp4 dan-c.mp3
Chris DiBona  A 3 hour history of open source in 56 minutes  http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/chris-db.asx chris-db.mp4 chris-db.mp3
Amy Hoy Usability for Evil http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/amy.asx amy.mp4 amy.mp3
The 8x5 session http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/8x5.asx 8x5.mp4 8x5.mp3
Scott Berkun The Myths of Innovation http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/scott.asx scott.mp4 scott.mp3
Kathy Sierra http://www.R2.co.nz/20080214/kathy.asx kathy.mp4 kathy.mp3


In addition to their scheduled talks, some presenters gave short interviews.
Streamed Recording
Download as MP4
Download as MP3
Molly Holzschlag molly-interview.asx molly-interview.mp4 molly-interview.mp3
Shawn Henry shawn-interview.asx shawn-interview.mp4 shawn-interview.mp3
Simon Willison simon-interview.asx simon-interview.mp4 simon-interview.mp3

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