The Digital Future Summit 2.0

Wednesday 28 November and Thursday 29 November, 2007, recorded video of the Digital Future Sumit 2.0, from the Hyatt Hotel in Auckland.

The video from the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  There are twp formats available.  The webcast is best viewed in Windows Media Player ,  Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Totem and VideoLan also work well. Alternatively an MP4 version is available for download. This can be viewed in Quicktime, WindowsMedia (with plug-in from, or VLC.
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Mihi Whakatau mihi.asx mihi.mp4
Welcome from the Chair - Rod Oram welcome.asx welcome.mp4
Opening - Hon David Cunliffe david.asx david.mp4
Generation - Y digital natives panel-1.asx panel-1.mp4
NZ's Economic Agenda Transformation - Hon Pete Hodgson pete.asx pete.mp4
Stephen Tindall stephen.asx stephen.mp4
Communities - Laurence Zwimpfer and Riaka Hiakita laurencez.asx laurencez.mp4
Laying down the Challenge panel-2.asx panel-2.mp4
Summing up the panel discussion rod-1.asx rod-1.mp4
Long Tail Economics - Chris Anderson "Wired" Magazine chris.asx chris.mp4
TradeMe - Sam Morgan sam.asx sam.mp4
Where is NZ at - Andy Lark andy.asx andy.mp4
Wake up or Die - Darryn Melrose darryn.asx darryn.mp4
Reinforcing the themes - Rod Oram rod-3.asx rod-3.mp4
The National Broadband Map panel-3.asx panel-3.mp4
The Government's Role - Laurence Millar laurencem.asx laurencem.mp4
The Green Rig - Greg Carlyon greg.asx greg.mp4
Summing Up - Rod Oram rod-4.asx rod-4.mp4
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Keynote Address - Acting PM - Hon Dr Michael Cullen michael.asx michael.mp4
Life-long learning - Sean McDougall sean.asx sean.mp4
Ministry of Education Panel minedu.asx minedu.mp4
Panel Debate - "Are we moving fast enough" panel-4.asx panel-4.mp4
Digital Content and broadcasting - Hon Trevor Mallard trevor.asx trevor.mp4
Digital Access to Rich Media - Bernard Hickey bernard.asx bernard.mp4
MIT MediaLab - Prof Barry Vercoe barry.asx barry.mp4
The Digital Content Strategy - Hon Judith Tizard judith.asx judith.mp4
Getting strategic about NZ's digital content assets - Penny Carnaby penny.asx penny.mp4
Reinforcing the themes - Rod Oram rod-7.asx rod-7.mp4
What next ? - Rod Oram rod-8.asx rod-8.mp4
Translating strategy to action - Janet Mazenier janet.asx janet.mp4

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