Sr Joan Chittister
Webcast -  St Mary's College Hall

Tuesday 10 July, 2007, recorded video of the presentation by Sr Joan Chittister, OSB, from the Hall of St Mary's College, Guilford Tce, Wellington.

Details of Sr Chittister's vist can be found here

Video Recording

The recorded video from the event can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  This will be a multi-bit rate stream suitable for viewers with broadband connections. The webcast is best viewed in Windows Media Player ,  Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Totem and VideoLan also work well.

Note - the video stream is viewed in Windows MediaPlayer - available for free from Microsoft.

View the live stream here ->

A big thanks to the crew of volunteers from St Mary's and St Christopher's, who are the camera crew for this event. After the event a recording may be available in a day or so.

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