Session Recordings

This webpage has links to the recordings made of session presentations made during the Webstock-Mini Conference held in Wellington in June 2007.

Recordings are available for download and streaming, using a variety of codings (codecs) and delivery techniques. If you are unfamiliar with playing video or audio on the web, then we suggest you click on the links for the streamed material.
Session and Speaker
MP4 - Video Download (iPod)
Windows Media Stream (video)
Introduction intro.mp4 intro.asx
Leigh Blackall
A Tour of Second Life
leigh.mp4 leigh.asx
Robert O'Callahan
New features in Firefox 3
robert.mp4 robert.asx
The Debate
"That Web 2.0 is all fizz and no substance"
Featuring - 
Mark Cubey
Sandy Mamoli
Mike Brown
Philip Fierlinger
Brenda Leeuwenberg
Che Tibby
debate.mp4 debate.asx

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