APTLD non-Technical Meeting
Bali February 2007
Session Recordings

This webpage has links to the recordings made of session presentations made during the APTLD non-Technical Meeting, held in Bali in February 2007.

Recordings are available for download and streaming, using a variety of codings (codecs) and delivery techniques. If you are unfamiliar with playing video or audio on the web, then we suggest you click on the links for the streamed material.
Session and Speaker
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intro-128.wmv intro.mp4 intro.asx
Registration Policies and Case Studies
Chris Disspain
registration-128.wmv registration.mp4 (132MB) registration.asx
Marketing and Promotion
Chris Disspain
marketing-128.wmv marketing.mp4  (126MB) marketing.asx
Regristry/Registrar Model - Part 1
Adrian Kinderis
rr-model-1-128.wmv rr-model-1.mp4   (182MB) rr-model-1.asx
Regristry/Registrar Model - Part 2
Adrian Kinderis
rr-model-2-128.wmv rr-model-2.mp4   (42MB) rr-model-2.asx
Institutional Frameworks for ccTLD Administration
Chris Disspain, Debbie Monahan, Atsushi Endo
frameworks-128.wmv frameworks.mp4   (254MB) frameworks.asx
Best  Practices of a ccTLD Registry
Adrian Kinderis
best-practices-128.wmv best-practices.mp4   (80MB) best-practices.asx
Registrar Accreditation Policies
Tina Dam
accreditation-128.wmv accreditation.mp4   (170MB) accreditation.asx
Global and Regional Organisations Related to ccTLD - Part  1
Peter Dengate-Thrush
global-1-128.wmv global-1.mp4   (135MB) global-1.asx
Second Level Domain Names and Subdomains
Deepak Pillai
2ldns-128.wmv 2ldns.mp4   (200MB) 2ldns.asx
Global and Regional Organisations Related to ccTLD - Part  2
Peter Dengate-Thrush
global-2-128.wmv global-2.mp4   (125MB) global-2.asx
IDN and Deployment Experiences
Hiro Hotta
idn-128.wmv idn.mp4   (221MB) idn.asx
Domain Name Registration System
Adrian Kinderis
dnrs-128.wmv dnrs.mp4   (156MB) dnrs.asx

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