Session Recordings

This webpage has links to the recordings made of session presentations made during the Webstock-06 Conference held in Wellington in May 2006. Due to the rights assigned by each speaker, not all sessions have full recordings. This is indicated where applicable.

Recordings are available for download in both audio and video formats, using a variety of codings (codecs) and delivery techniques. If you are unfamiliar with playing video or audio on the web, then we suggest you click on the links for the streamed material.
Session and Speaker
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Opening Session opening.mpg opening.mp3 opening.mp4 opening.asx opening-a.asx
Doug Bowman
Standardizing Page Structure
doug.mpg doug.mp3 doug.mp4 doug.asx doug-a.asx
Joel Spolski
Shiny Geegaw vs Great Design
N/A not available N/A N/A N/A N/A
Darren Fittler
Accessibility - A user's perspective
darren.mpg darren.mp3 darren.mp4 darren.asx darren-a.asx
The 8x5 Session 8x5.mpg 8x5.mp3 8x5.mp4 8x5.asx 8x5-a.asx
Dori Smith
Web Standards: Why you should care
N/A dori-1.mp3 N/A N/A dori-1-a.asx
Rachel McAlpine
From Plain Language to F-language
rachel.mpg rachel.mp3 rachel.mp4 rachel.asx rachel-a.asx
Donna Maurer
Information Architecture
donna-1.mpg donna-1.mp3 donna-1.mp4 donna-1.asx donna-1-a.asx
Kelly Goto
About Interface
kelly.mpg kelly.mp3 kelly.mp4 kelly.asx kelly-a.asx
Steve Champeon
Simplicity, Web standards and Spam
steve-1.mpg steve-1.mp3 steve-1.mp4 steve-1.asx steve-1-a.asx
The Great Trans-Tasman Taste-off taste.mpg taste.mp3 taste.mp4 taste.asx taste-a.asx
Russell Brown
Content and Community
russell.mpg russell.mp3 russell.mp4 russell.asx russell-a.asx
Russ Weakley
Let go and let the users control, their experience
russ.mpg russ.mp3 russ.mp4 russ.asx russ-a.asx
Ben Goodger
Firefox: Success and Challenges
ben.mpg ben.mp3 ben.mp4 ben.asx ben-a.asx
Andreas Gigardet
The War of Words
andreas.mpg andreas.mp3 andreas.mp4 andreas.asx andreas-a.asx
Heather Hesketh
Progressive Development
heather.mpg heather.mp3 heather.mp4 heather.asx heather-a.asx
Dori Smith
Moving to unobstructive scripting
N/A dori-2.mp3 N/A N/A dori-2-a.asx
Rowan Simpson
Trademe Uplugged
rowan.mpg rowan.mp3 rowan.mp4 rowan.asx rowan-a.asx
Donna Maurer
Usability for rich internet applications
donna-2.mpg donna-2.mp3 donna-2.mp4 donna-2.asx donna-2-a.asx
Steve Champeon
Why standards matter for email
Tony Chor
Internet Explorer: The Good, the Bad and the future
tony.mpg tony.mp3 tony.mp4 tony.asx tony-a-asx
Panel Discussion panel-1.mpg panel-1.mp3 panel-1.mp4 panel-1.asx panel-1-a.asx
Kathy Sierra
Now go change the world
kathy.mpg kathy.mp3 kathy.mp4 kathy.asx kathy-a.asx
Closing Remarks closing.mpg closing.mp3 closing.mp4 closing.asx closing-a.asx

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