Video of each speaker
Video of the Sign Language Interpreters

NZ Sign Language Bill - Third Reading

Thursday 6 April 2006
  Recorded live at Parliament House, Wellington.

Live coverage of the proceedings of the House of Representatives is made available for television broadcast, webcast, and recording in other mediums to provide greater public access to the legislature. The coverage is made available on the following conditions:

  1. Any broadcast or rebroadcast of coverage must comply with the broadcaster's legal obligations.
  2. Coverage of proceedings must not be used for commercial sponsorship or commercial advertising.
  3. Coverage of proceedings must not be used in a way that is misleading.

If these conditions are breached, you may be directed to stop using the coverage, or alter your use to ensure that it complies with the conditions. A breach of the conditions, or a failure to comply with such a direction, may be treated as a contempt of the House of Representatives and proceeded against accordingly.

For further guidance on these conditions and consequences, see the report of the Standing Orders Committee here.

Parliament TV is broadcast under the authority of the House and is fully protected under the Parliamentary Privilege Act 2014. However, further communication of Parliament TV coverage does not have the same level of protection, as it is covered by only a qualified immunity. If you are in doubt about the footage that you wish to broadcast, you should seek your own legal advice.

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