2006 Conference

Wednesday 22 March through to Friday 24 March, 2006, R2 webcast and recorded the presentations at the NZNOG Conference.

Windows Media files are in a number of bitrates to suite connection speeds.

Main Talks

Welcome to Delegates - Peter Komisarczuk, Victoria University

welcome.asx    0:04:16      10.4MBytes

Building Global Content-Distribution Networks - Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House

bill.asx               0:48:20      117MBytes

The Economics of Peering - Richard Hulse, Radio New Zealand

richard.asx        0:40:47     99.1MBytes

Peering - The Customer Perspective - Hamish MacEwan

hamish.asx       0:40:11     97.6MBytes

Welcome to The Loop - Geoff Scrimgeour, The Loop

geoff.asx           0:32:42     79.5MBytes

NearlyNets - Effective Networks for Pacific Island Nations - Jonny Martin, CityLink

jonny.asx           0:32:29     78.9MBytes

Content Switching in the Data Centre - Matthew Mole, Foundry Networks

matthew.asx     0:32:03     77.9MBytes

Scaling Beyond 10GB - Mike Hughes, London Internet Exchange

mike.asx            0:58:53     143MBytes

10GB Networking at TelstraClear - Joerg Micheel, TelstraClear

joerg.asx            0:35:09      85.9MBytes

InternetNZ Update - Colin Jackson, InternetNZ

colin.asx               0:03:31        8.58MBytes

Market Structrue and Internet Growth - Tom Vest, CAIDA

tom.asx               0:38:40      94MBytes

Local Loop Unbundling Panel - David Diprose, Jonny Martin and Tom Vest, Equinix

panel.asx            1:23:06    201MBytes

Lightning Talks

lightning.asx        1:07:35   149MBytes

APNIC Update - Nurani Nimpuno, APNIC

apnic.asx        0:15:31      37.7MBytes

Bridging the Gap Between Support and the NOC - Mark Foster, NZ Defence Force

markf.asx             1:08:45       710MBytes

Layer Three Tunnels for Broadband Delivery - Jonathan Brewer, Araneo

jonathan.asx         0:26:04      63.3MBytes

Internet Background Radiation - Dean Pemberton, Victoria University

dean.asx               0:39:47       96.7MBytes

TCP Congestion Control - Ian McDonald, WAND

ian.asx                   0:42:50       104MBytes

DNSSEC Deployment - Steve Crocker, Shinkuro/ICANN

steve.asx                0:50:55       123MBytes

Leading Edge Protocol Development - Mark Williams, Juniper

markw.asx              0:19:28       47.3MBytes

Real Time Services Over a Carrier Network - Chang & Singh, Broadcast Communications Ltd

chang&singh.asx    0:27:27     66.7MBytes

Traffic Engineering Decisions in a Large IP Network - Chris Lijenstolpe, Alcatel

chris.asx                  0:43:21     105MBytes

BGP Flow Specification Update - David Lambert, Juniper

david.asx                 0:29:51     72.5MBytes

The recorded video is also available on DVD, and CDs. VHS tape is also available.

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