NZ Bloodstock Ltd
2006 Yearling Sales
Webcast - Live from the Karaka Auction Room

Monday 30 January through to Friday 3 February 2006, R2 will be webcasting the NZ Bloodstock Yearling Auctions. This will be both the Premiere Sale and the Select Sale.

Live Video

The live video from the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below. 5 bit rates are available to suit connections speeds. The exact URL of each stream is also provided in case of difficulty. Paste these URLs into your windows Mediaplayer, if you have difficulty making the connection.

Note - the video stream is viewed in Windows MediaPlayer - available for free from Microsoft.

384 Kbps Video
Suitable for CityLink or Jetstream connected organisations

Stream link is

128 Kbps Video
Suitable for CityLink of Jetstart connected organisations , or a frame relay connection above 256kbps

Stream link is

56 Kbps Video
Suitable for dial up connections.

Stream link is

28 Kbps Audio
Audio only stream for dial up connections or slow computers. 

Stream link is

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