The King Kong Premiere - Wellington
14 December  2005

On Wednesday 14 December, we will be streaming the NZ Premiere of King Kong, live from Courtenay Place, Wellington.  The streams will be live prior to the event commencing, with our own cameras, showing the preparations for the event and everyone getting all hot and bothered and excited. An audio only link is available for folks with very limited bandwidth.. Recorded video of the occassion will be available later in the week.

The webcast is being streamed in different bit rates (connection speeds), to suit the variety of connections that viewers may have. The webcast is best viewed in Windows Media Player ,  Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X.
28Kbps - Audio only
56Kbps - video
128Kbps video for slow broadband
384Kbps - video
2Mbps - video

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