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The following sessions were recorded at the Business NZ Election Conference, Today 24 August, 2005.

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1.20 - 2.10 pm The Economy
Michael Cullen, John Key, Winston Peters, Rodney Hide, Rod Donald, 
Gordon Copeland
5 minutes each to answer the following questions, and if any time remains, to outline your party's general approach to the economy; after all have spoken, then questions & comments from 
the floor

1. "Will you lower the company tax rate and/or personal tax rates?  If so, when?"
2. "Will you set a cap on core Government spending as a percentage of GDP?  If so, what would that cap be?"
3. "Will you commit to reducing the regulatory burden on businesses by ensuring new and existing legislation is subject to a Regulatory Responsibility Act?"
4. "Will you commit to work towards free trade agreements, and on what basis?"
3.00 - 4.15 pm Party Leaders
Rod Donald, Peter Dunne,  Hon Jim Anderton,  Rodney Hide, Dr Don Brash

6 minutes each to answer the following questions, and if any time remains, to comment on how your party will improve the environment for business; after each individual has spoken, then questions from 
the floor (i.e. successive individual speakers, not all together on a panel):

1. "What is your vision for business and the economy?"
2. "What policies will you introduce that recognise business as the main driver of growth?

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