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Thursday 23 September 2004

Can City Museums Build Better Community ?
City Museums and Citizenship

Morag Macpherson
Morag Macpherson is the Open Museum Manager, Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

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The Lecture was chaired by

Jennie Harre Hindmarsh

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Question and answer session

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One of the key challenges for a city museum is in engaging its citizens, but how can a museum service be of relevance in on eof the poorest cities in Western Europe ? What questions does the city itself pose the museum service, and how does it respond ? How can the function of a museum be extended beyond teh museum walls to address the needs of the citizens ? Glasgow Museums have been actively engaging with issues of social justice for around 15 years, and Morag examines how the museum service aims to encourage community engagement, looking at how this in turn is changing and challenging the museum service

Recorded at the Rangimarie-2 Room, Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington on Thursday 23 September 2004.This movie is viewable in Windows Media PlayerReal Player. or Mplayer under Linux or Os-X. Copies are also available on DVD, Video-CD, CD-ROM and VHS tape.

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