Fahrenheit 9/11

by Michael Moore

The movie "Fahrenheit 9/11 has appeared on several websites and its producer Michael Moore has stated that Internet viewing is permissible provided no charges are levied. We were provided with an "Internet" copy which appears to have been pirated using a handy-cam in a theatre. We do not condone this action, and suggest such operators should use thier cameras recording the miriad of interesting things that go on in the world around them. Make more new movies - it pays more.

Michael Moore is quoted as saying

"I don't agree with copyright laws, and I don't have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it as long as they're not trying to make a profit off my labour," http://www.listener.co.nz/default,2379.sm

I do well enough already and I made this film because I want the world, to change. The more people who see it the better, so Im happy this is happening.   http://www.sundayherald.com/43167

It is in the light of these comments that the movie is made available here. If we are asked to remove the film from availability, we will happily comply with that request. We thank Michael Moore for taking this position.

If you watch this movie,  please watch it in a cinema when it is available and experience it in the format that the producer intended.

In addition to the message in the movie, we are hosting the movie here as a little bit of Internet research. We wish to demonstrate that

1. The Internet can deliver movies. We have even made a version available at standard TV definition.

2. To watch decent quality movies requires more than the slow "broadband" that is often sold in NZ (ie "broadband" less than 2mbps)

3. Internet traffic charges in NZ are stifling local innovation. Many NZ "broadband" users pay for traffic at the same rate regardless of whether that traffic is local or International. A typical rate is 20c per megabyte. We list the cost to you to watch this movie if you are paying such rates. Be warned. We cannot take any responsibility for any costs you inccur watching this movie. (did I spell that right ?)

4. We wish to see how many viewers will actually try and watch the movie. Are New Zealanders ready for movies on the net ?  Will they watch ? Can they watch ? Is there enough "broadband" ? (of course not !)

We would seriously appreciate feedback on these questions - to info@r2.co.nz    on with the show.......
Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore
56kbps dial up modem version
128kbps slow broadband version
384kbps version
2000kbps version - Broadband
Approximate cost NZ$
36MByte = $7.20
91MByyte = $18.20
310MByte = $62.00
1846MByte = $369.00

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