2003 Moviefest Finalists

Finalists from the 2003 Moviefest are featured here. Visit the Moviefest website for more details.
http://www.r2.co.nz/20040710/hobbyist-56.asx - dial up modem version
http://www.r2.co.nz/20040710/hobbyist-128.asx - slow broadband version
http://www.r2.co.nz/20040710/hobbyist-384.asx - Broadband version
The Hobbyists Category
http://www.r2.co.nz/20040710/schools-56.asx - dial up modem version
http://www.r2.co.nz/20040710/schools-128.asx - slow broadband version
http://www.r2.co.nz/20040710/schools-384.asx - Broadband version
The Schools Category

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