NZ Health Innovation Awards
June 2004

Welcome to the 2004 Health Innovation Awards Dinner, recorded live at Te Papa in Wellington.

Audio from the event can be heard by clicking on the links below. 2 bit rates are available to suit connections speeds. The
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Introductory remarks by Brett Rutledge, Master of Ceremonies 28kbps dial up =
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Dinner Speech by Peter Biggs, Chairman of Creative NZ and CEO of Clemmenger BBDO 28kbps dial up =
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Part 1 of the Awards Ceremony
 - Individual Category - Highly Commended
 - Individual Category - Winner
 - Group Category - Highly Commended
 - Group Category - Winner
 - Organisation Category - Highly Commended
 - Organisation Category - Winner
28kbps dial up =

56kbps dial up =

Part 2 of the Awards Ceremony
 - Supreme Award - Winner
 - Popular Choice Award - Winner
 - Closing remarks
28kbps dial up =

56kbps dial up =

CD s of this event will be available for viewing on line on Friday, after post processing and sleep. Contact the Ministry of Health for details.

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