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View of Wellington's City to Sea Bridge and Para Matchitt's sculptures
  A Thinker's Symposium
March 8-9, 2002 at (e)-vision, Wellington City.
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The First to Awaken, First to Think? symposium will provide a forum for key thinkers to comment on New Zealand's value proposition.

The keynote speaker, Michael Goldhaber, is known for The Attention Economy.


There is currently a new wave of optimism and belief in New Zealand, its values and opportunities.

However, in our challenging and fast changing times, these values and opportunities need to be more clearly articulated, developed and strengthened.

Excitingly, all sorts of approaches to creating and defining our values are emerging.

Our Approach / The Symposium Vision

First to Awaken, First to Think? will explore the belief that the more seamlessly ideas and information flow between business, cultural, scientific and technological sectors the greater the yield for all concerned.

First to Awaken, First to Think? is a symposium for thinkers and problem solvers, people who like to be stimulated by the confluence of new ideas, different approaches, challenges and alternative perspectives.

The symposium aims to bring together a wide range of active and articulate thinkers, and to apply the combined intelligence of such a group to real challenges and opportunities that face New Zealand.

Our belief is that if more people worked in this integrated way then New Zealand's cultural and economic development would be greatly enhanced. 


The First to Awaken, First to Think? symposium is generously supported by The Royal Society of New Zealand.

The Royal Society of New Zealand

Initial support for the symposium was given by Smart Wellington.

Smart Wellington

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