Interactive Breakfast Series
Tuesday 26 June 2001

Cultural Capital
New Zealand's Knowledge Economy

Dr Ruth Harley - CEO NZ Film Commission

Cultural industries such as film and television, multi-media, music and tourism are transforming New Zealand's economy. Our commercial interests are indissoluably linked with our cultural interests.

There is no place in the new economy for the type of thinking which sees a disjunction between the business world and the art world. Cultural industries are based on national identity. National identity is key to creating a unique positioning for our goods and services.

Take film for example. It creates culture, builds identity and markets that identity to the world. Film is important not just as a potent advertising medium for New Zealand; not just as a way of creating and personifying our country as a brand in all its diversity; not just as a high growth, high margin knowledge based business. It is all of these, but it is also as a statement to ourselves. It is a central ingredient in constructing our identity for ourselves, as a lever to help New Zealanders get the confidence and boldness to foot it aggressively on the international stages.

Cultural industries are high yielding economic plants which should be cultivated by design not left to accident.

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